How to Find Investors with Purpose with Kamal Ravikant - FP04
@foundr Foundr
As a tech entrepreneur, Kamal had his share of success. He also failed. The failure of his last company struck him down – but he got up. He...
Every Entrepreneur Needs a Team of Mentors, and Not Just for Business.
@warriortoughphd Entrepreneur
When most entrepreneurs think about finding a mentor they usually think about mentors in business. The kind that can help you with...
An Adversarial Review of “Adversarial Generation of Natural Language”
@yoavgo Medium
Or, for fucks sake, DL people, leave language alone and stop saying you solve it. [ edit : some people commented that they don’t like the...
Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time
@harvardbiz Harvard Business Review
The science of stamina has advanced to the point where individuals, teams, and whole organizations can, with some straightforward interventions,...
Have Resellers? How to use an LMS for Channel Partner Training
@learnupon LearnUpon
Brendan | Posted on July 11, 2017 in How To , LMS | No Comments If you need to deliver training to your channel partners or reseller...
How Neuroscience is teaching us to avoid deadly automatic thinking at work.
Matt Summers
I want to tell you about a syndrome known as “mindless acceptance syndrome” or “MAS” which is a direct result of our brains automatic...
10 Tips to Bring Back the Balance in ‘Work-Life Imbalance’
@klaris Noomii Career Blog
Even if technology has been playing an instrumental part in enhancing our productivity and providing us with stellar professional careers, we’ve evidently...
How to Build a High Velocity Development Team – JavaScript Scene – Medium
@_ericelliott Medium
Let your team collaborate with other amazing teams, and you’ll multiply your chance of success. Embrace Remote Culture It takes a...
3 Tips On How To Live A Good Life
@LaRaeQuy LaRae Quy | Empower the Leader in You
You want to live a good life, but it isn’t about just one thing. It is the combination of many. It means you must prioritize what is most important to you.
Priority #1: Servant Leadership and Follower Focus | Purpose in Leadership on
@lead2purpose Purpose in Leadership
Last week I shared my 4 Top Leadership Priorities.These priorities are central to what I teach others about leadership in classes, and these priorities...
How to build good habits (and finally get rid of your bad ones) - RescueTime
@jorymackay RescueTime Blog
We all have bad habits. But with 40% of our day spent on autopilot, it’s essential to build good habits that make us more productive, happier and healthier.
Chapter 4 of Drop In - Accessing The Clear Mind
@saraharveyyao Sara Yao Consulting
NOTE: This excerpt from my book, Drop In: Lead with Deeper Presence and Courage is my gift to you with the intention that the content supports your...
Four Ways to Improve Your Focus When You Work from Home
Stephanie Vozza Fast Company
If you want to get more done at work, consider staying at home. People who work remotely three to four days a week are more engaged with...
Kill that positive thinking. It’s time for positive action!
@kashyapsandeep Medium
‘Be positive’, think positive, ‘it’s okay’, ‘don’t get into negativity’. Personally, I am even tired of hearing positive encouragement...
Why Companies Are Massively Integrating Performance Data and Training
@RallywareSF Rallyware
“Two heads are better than one,” according to the old saying. In most cases, collaboration leads to better results. But when it comes to job-related...
8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.
Life is busy. It can feel impossible to move toward your dreams. If you have a full-time job and kids, it's even harder. How do you move...
Crafting a design portfolio that converts – Compass of Design
@darianrosebrook Compass of Design
R ecently, I shared an article about Marketing Yourself as a Designer . The article dives into the various ways that you can make sure that...
Ep #94: The Art of Marketing Art with Martin Stellar - Roger Dooley
@rogerdooley Roger Dooley
This week, I am excited to bring you a guest from a totally new genre for me, Martin Stellar. Martin, an art marketing expert, has a unique background and...
Management vs. discipline: Know the difference | Fire Chief
@firechiefmag Fire Chief
FireRescue1 and Fire Chief Editorial Advisory Board By Ted Aroesty, FireRescue1 Contributor Have you ever struggled to defend yourself...
Recognizing Traffic Lights With Deep Learning – freeCodeCamp
@davidbrai freeCodeCamp
The images above are examples of the three possible classes I needed to predict: no traffic light (left), red traffic light (center) and...
Dr. Wayne Dyer's 11 Best Lessons for Achieving Success
Dr. Wayne Dyer not only achieved great success in his lifetime, but also taught countless others how to achieve it themselves. Here are 11 of his greatest...
The New Science of Team Chemistry
@harvardbiz Harvard Business Review
Executive Summary First used by the U.S. Army during World War I to try to predict which soldiers would suffer from “shell shock,”...
Are You Supporting Your Organization's New Leaders To Succeed?
@tanveernaseer Tanveer Naseer
Over the past few months, I’ve written a number of articles that examined from different vantage points the importance of leaders providing...
The Perfect Work Day Schedule – Part 2
@LivingOrderSA Time Management Training
I enjoyed the questions that she asked and thought that you might want to know what those were – along with the answers that I gave. You...

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