Culture at the Heart of Innovation - Disruption Hub
@lauraaautumn Disruption Hub
Is innovation what you really want? In an age of mass disruption, businesses know that they need to innovate. They know that they need to employ innovative...
How the Enterprise can Engage the Startup - RevUnit
@Revunit RevUnit Blog
As a follow-up to my previous post on What the Enterprise Can Learn from the Startup , the following are practical, albeit...
5 Ways to Learn the Nuts and Bolts of Crowdfunding
@kendallalmerico Entrepreneur
Crowdfunding is a multibillion dollar worldwide industry that continues to disrupt the traditional world of corporate finance, as well as...
7 keys to a successful business intelligence strategy
Mary K. Pratt CIO
BI success requires more than just a strong technology platform. It takes laser focus on processes and personnel — and a business-first approach to gaining...
Inside MongoDB's IPO Documents - Crunchbase News
@alex Crunchbase News
MongoDB publicly filed to go public today, following a period when it was known that the company had filed privately . Follow Crunchbase...
Sales Enablement, Company Culture and Customer Experience: The B2B Trinity
For several years, the discussion around company culture has involved elaborate creature comforts for workers, extensive time-off...
Small Business Funding – Beat the Burden of Regulations
@CFGMerchant CFG Merchant Solutions
The cost of doing business can often leave a business owner in need of small business funding. It can become a struggle to keep enough working capital on...
Making Seamless E-Payments a Reality
@stratandbiz strategy+business
Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have transformed urban mobility and advanced the sharing economy. But it is another, less obvious...
Expanding to Asia holds big promise for German founders | Founders Valley | DW | 22.09.2017
Deutsche Welle ( DW.COM
An increasing number of German entrepreneurs are taking their startups to Asia. Christian Geissendoerfer, CEO of German Accelerator Southeast Asia, talks...
3 of the Biggest Challenges in Influencer Marketing (And How to Overcome Them)
@shane_barker Business 2 Community
Although influencer marketing yields effective results and high returns on investment, some businesses still shy away from it. That’s likely because...
Startup Directories You Should Be Using To Promote Your Startup
@startupbuffer Medium
Promoting your startup is hard. Congratulations, if you are here and trying to promote your startup as it means that you started something. There are many...
Google is making strides with Google My Business 
@being_smith Search Engine Land
Though Google My Business isn't perfect, columnist Brian Smith believes that recent updates and added features illustrate Google's commitment to making the...
Arista Pro Typeface by zetafonts - the fonts foundry
Zetafonts - Fonts, Type, Image - Http://
Arista Pro is the definitive version of the successful Arista typeface, designed by Francesco Canovaro, first released in 2007 as Arista Z...
Chatbot Development Will Influence Marketing & Sales › Stockwerk5 - The Surprising Truth About Marketing & Sales
Chatbot development is increasing with each passing year. Here's a look at how chatbots will soon have a sizable impact on marketing and sales.
The Ultimate Startup Funding Pitch Deck – Chance Barnett – Medium
@chancebar Medium
Great startups don’t fund themselves. Raising money from investors for your startup can be challenging at any stage and requires a great...
Mind the gap – London, Europe’s biggest start-up scene - European startups, entrepreneurship and innovation news: Whiteboard
@omohout European startups, entrepreneurship and innovation news: Whiteboard
With over 2,000 start-ups, 30 accelerators and 48,000 people employed in the digital economy, Silicon Roundabout in East London is the beating heart of the...
Are you using business tools to leverage your business?
Don't get stuck only in a bootstrapping mindset and sacrifice business tools that can help you create success faster. Are you using business tools?
There Are 4 Futures for CMOs (Some Better Than Others)
@harvardbiz Harvard Business Review
There are some new faces these days in the boardroom. They have new titles like Chief Customer Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief...
Why Innovation Flounders in Established Companies –
I just spent a day working with Bob, the Chief Innovation Officer of a very smart large company I’ll call Acme Widgets. Bob summarized...
Edupreneurship: A New Dimension Of The Entrepreneurship
@tathan Takis Athanassiou | Leadership Initiative
Do you like to tell stories? Do you like the “show and tell” approach as a way to make a difference in the world? Do you like to help people discover their...
9 Influencer Marketing Examples & 14 GSD Tactics to Boost Conversion
@shane_barker Business 2 Community
As both the use of ad blockers and the amount of time people spend on social media continues to rise, the effectiveness of traditional advertising has...
Why Should You Care About The IoT? - Disruption Hub
@DisruptionHub Disruption Hub
Increasing your business while getting ahead of the competition Should you work for a company that produces such items as heating, ventilation and air...
How to build your online authority quickly when starting out
@vpkoshy Sprout Worth
Discover how building your online authority through content creation can help you become a thought leader and drive online traffic when starting out.
How to Test Drive Your Business Idea Before Quitting Your Job
@2michaeltaylor Growth without the guesswork
Got a business idea? Great! Don't go quitting your job yet. Test drive the idea first. Here's how to validate your idea before putting it into action.

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