5 Most Common Networking Mistakes from #NetworkingLikeaPro - #EntrepreneurBooks -
@BrianMHilliard Entrepreneur
The following excerpt is from Ivan Misner, Ph.D. and Brian Hilliard’s book Networking Like a Pro . Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes &...
Bitcoin Exchange Globitex Granted European Electronic Money License
@BitcoinMagazine Bitcoin Magazine
Globitex , a new bitcoin exchange co-founded by former Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Jon Matonis , is announcing that its parent...
Bitcoin News Digest Wednesday, November 22, 2017 -
The Right Way to Respond to Facebook Reviews ⋆ Tech Talk
CovFeFe Tech Talk
The Right Way to Respond to Facebook ReviewsThis is part 3 of our 8 part series, The Tried and True Method for Growing Your Facebook Fan BaseHow we...
Why does my company need machine learning? Competitive advantage.
Understanding how machine learning works or why it provided you with a certain solution can be tricky. It’s like trying to understand why you choose to see...
WTF is machine learning?
John Mannes TechCrunch
It's no coincidence that Alan Turing, one of the most influential computer scientists of all time, started his 1950 treatise on computing with the..
How To Be Contagious on Twitter - Jeffbullas's Blog
@jeffbullas Jeffbullas's Blog
Social media is going through a transition period as some social networks struggle to survive and others grow so fast it makes your nose bleed. […]
45 Best Hashtag Tools For Research, Tracking, Marketing And Events
@socialertdotnet SociAlert Blog
As a digital marketer I have come across several hashtag tools for marketing that I have to use for several purpose. I used different tools for  hashtag...
The 7 Content Must Do's Of Social Media - eClincher
@eClincher eClincher
You get it. Your business needs to build and grow a social media following. If you know this, then you are most likely doing your best to share content...
How to Select Metrics for Your Social Media Strategy and Track Them
@nadia_nenadia SEMrush Blog
Choosing the right social media metrics to track to see which networks and posts are performing well is as important as setting the right goals. Find out...
The proposal to do away with net neutrality is worse than you think
Gigi Sohn Mashable
Few who follow the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the history of its efforts to enshrine network neutrality rules into law...
The promise and perils of machine learning in the enterprise
Charles Araujo CIO
Enterprise leaders need to apply ML like they should all other technologies – deliberately and only when and where it delivers specific, measurable...
The police can search your email without telling you. That’s nuts.
Hannah Bloch-wehba Vox
So much of our lives today are conducted online that it’s essential that we know who has access to our information. And that’s especially...
A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media ROI
@sarahdawley Hootsuite Social Media Management
Measuring and proving social media ROI lets marketers put more time and resources into what’s working and improve the tactics that aren’t delivering value.
A Simple 3-Step Approach to Successful Social Media Advertising
Brian Peters Entrepreneur
This story originally appeared on Buffer There’s so much to learn with social media advertising that it’s difficult to know exactly where...
Forget Hacks -- Here Are the 2 Things You Need to Do to Grow Your Following on Social Media
@iamspectacular Entrepreneur
Social media platforms offer such a significant advantage to entrepreneurs -- with 2.3 billion active users on Facebook to target it is...
Extroverts Rejoice! Now Facebook Finds You Parties
Josh Constine TechCrunch
Facebook should tell me what to do tonight. It already knows what I like, where I live, and who I hang out with. Now it will. After accidentally becoming..
Can You Hold a Crypto-Conversation?
@cointelegraph Cointelegraph
With Thanksgiving in one day and cryptocurrencies being a hot topic, you are going to want to be able to talk the talk when it comes to...
Investing in Cryptocurrency with Bitcoin: Fad, Fraud or Fortune-Maker?
@FinancialPoise Financial Poise
With hedge funds, Japan and even the Chicago Mercantile Exchange going whole hog on Bitcoin, should you consider investing in cryptocurrency?
What drove the meteoric rise in Bitcoin Cash?
@toshendrasharma Blockchain Council |
Summary Advertisements Bitcoin Cash, which has been stewing in the $300 price range ever since August 1, 2017, saw explosive growth last...
Good Leaders Don’t Do It All Alone | Reflections on Leadership and Learning on
@AmyLIllingworth Reflections on Leadership and Learning
In my Time Management for Leaders Series I try to share advice for new leaders, leaders in new roles, and leaders who are working to get organized and...
Tick Tock: Start Preparing for Resource Disruption
@cfwk Digitalist Magazine
The costs of managing, powering, and moving products and services are about to change dramatically. Better start planning for the disruption.
Lead generation: Ultimate guide to capture leads with WordPress
@MHthemes MH Themes
Lead generation is a marketing technique you can use to grow your audience and increase your sales. There are a lot of tools and strategies...
MapR Gives Single View Of Big Data
@TheNextPlatform The Next Platform
The enormous amount of data being generated will do companies little good if they can’t more easily gather it from multiple sources, store it, analyze it a

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