Why Edward Snowden supports anonymous cryptocurrencies
13 hours agoBinary District JournalThe Next Web
In light of recent events, the importance of financial privacy has become an increasingly unavoidable issue for cryptocurrency users. With the exception of...
Chile’s pollution problems has led to green startups
14 hours agoCharis McgowanThe Next Web
Santiago de Chile is an understatedly cool city. Sure, it doesn’t have the classical buildings of Buenos Aires or the ageless allure of Rio, but what’s...
'China's gift to Africa': How China spied on the African Union via donated computers
16 hours agoIafrikan NewsThe Next Web
For a period of 5 years, China continued to spy on all electronic communications at the African Union’s headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Chinese...
Learn how the best coders do DevOps today — for less than $20
16 hours agoTnw DealsThe Next Web
You can find out how these in-demand disciplines intersect with the DevOps with Cloud Computing course bundle, available right now for less than $20 with...
Why indie ecommerce will keep getting sucked up by the likes of Walmart and IKEA
18 hours agoMike MallazzoThe Next Web
In the early 1980’s, a Danish drummer placed an ad in a California newspaper looking for jam buddies and face-melting thrash metal was born. Over the...
Get inspired: Bowie and Kanye can spark your adaptable mindset
22 hours agoRobert OverwegThe Next Web
An adaptable mindset helps you expand your horizon, teaches you to see things from multiple perspectives, and can even show you a bit of the future....
Apple employees keep running into walls at its new spaceship campus
1 day agoBryan ClarkThe Next Web
An architectural marvel, perhaps no building sums up the company it contains better than Apple’s “spaceship” campus. The impressive structure houses some...
This DIY game console is as much fun to build as it is to play
1 day agoBryan ClarkThe Next Web
Glued to the couch, controller in hand, the average teen morphs into an extra from The Walking Dead for about six hours each week. But that’s okay; there...
Twitch detoxes chat by splitting it into separate rooms
1 day agoRachel KaserThe Next Web
Twitch this week introduced Rooms, a feature that splits chat into separate sections, thus solving the problem of overcrowded chat. Until...
Atari has decentralized gaming for 45 years. Now it's creating altcoins.
1 day agoTristan GreeneThe Next Web
Atari announces it's working on a pair of altcoins. One for gaming, one for gambling, and both marking a surprising entry for the venerable gaming company.
How blockchain is streamlining business operations
1 day agoAj AgrawalThe Next Web
What would the landscape look like today if Marriott had discovered AirBnB? It’s always striking to see disruptions being made in industries where the most...
The Open Source Initiative Got a Makeover
1 day - All Content
The Defense Department launched the website on Tuesday, a new, streamlined portal for its similarly named initiative, a collaborative...
SRT in GStreamer
1 day - All Content
SRT, the open source video transport protocol that enables the delivery of high-quality and secure, low latency video, has been integrated into GStreamer....
Xen Project Contributor Spotlight: Kevin Tian
1 day - All Content
The Xen Project is comprised of a diverse set of member companies and contributors that are committed to the growth and success of the Xen Project...
5 Open Source Technology Trends for 2018
1 day - All Content
Technology is evolving faster than the speed of light. Well, not quite, but you get the picture. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, OpenStack,...
Google Images just made downloading photos more annoying
1 day agoNapier LopezThe Next Web
Google Images is pretty much the default way of finding photos around the internet, but the company just made a small but signficant change to how you...
Google makes 911 faster, more reliable in new Android update
1 day agoRachel KaserThe Next Web
Google recently tested new tech to help 911 dispatchers find callers more quickly and more accurately. 80 percent of the calls made with Google’s tech were...
Cryptocurrency News 2/16/2018
1 day agoEd ZitronThe Next Web
Editor’s note: The following column is written as intentional satire and may or may not have deliberate or undeliberate errors. We apologize that this post...
Good news for humanity: Germany joins list of countries that won't use autonomous weapons
1 day agoTristan GreeneThe Next Web
Germany's head of Cyber and Information Space Command says the country wants nothing to do with autonomous weapons. Let's hope other countries join in.
Enterprises identify 10 essential tools for DevOps
1 day - All Content
In rough order of their appearance in the DevOps pipeline, based on real-world user feedback, here are the most essential DevOps tools:In some of these 10...
Governor blames shooting on 'cultural problem' of video games *sighs*
1 day agoRachel KaserThe Next Web
You knew it was coming. I knew it was coming. It comes after every shooting, with the predictability of the sun rise: "The problem is video games."
The 4 Major Tenets of Kubernetes Security
1 day - All Content
In a previous article, we learned about the threats to a Kubernetes deployment that may result in a multitude of compromises and undesirable scenarios.
This $29 JavaScript eBook helps you learn with ease
1 day agoTnw DealsThe Next Web
Jump in to learn this foundational discipline with the Ultimate JavaScript eBook and Course bundle (available now for just $29, over 90 percent off from...
Q4OS Makes Linux Easy for Everyone
1 day - All Content
Modern Linux distributions tend to target a variety of users. Some claim to offer a flavor of the open source platform that anyone can use. And, I’ve seen...

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