Amok Island Paints Modern Minimalist Murals of Native Flora and Fauna
1 day agoColossal
A native of The Netherlands and now based in Australia, Amok Island depicts flora and fauna that can be found in the locations of his colorful murals. The...
Monthly Web Development Update 2/2018: The Grown-Up Web, Branding Details, And Browser Fast Forward
1 day agoSmashing Magazine
Staying on top of the newest techniques, browser updates, and hot topics can be hard. Anselm Hannemann summarized what happened in the web industry in the...
Designing For User Interfaces: Icons As Visual Elements For Screen Design
1 day agoSmashing Magazine
(This article is sponsored by Adobe.) A world without icons — is that even possible? After all, icons have been one of the first elements used in the first...
The Top Blogging Platforms of the Year - Onextrapixel
2 days ago@lindsay_liedkeOnextrapixel
Choosing a blogging platform doesn't have to be hard when you have the very best options available right in front of you with all their included features.
New Miniature Post-Apocalyptic Environments by Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber
2 days agoColossal
Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber (previously) collaboratively produce detailed dioramas caught in the throws of natural or manmade chaos. From 2005 to 2015 the...
Anonymous Figures Struggle Against Nature in Porcelain Sculptures by Claudia Fontes
2 days agoColossal
Since 2013, artist Claudia Fontes (previously) has been investigating the use and meaning of the word "foreigner" in a series of small figurative...
Want the Best Site and Page Building Tools? You’ll find them here
3 days agoWebAppersWebAppers
If this headline caught your eye, it likely means you’re in the hunt for the best available website builder. Finding “the Best” is not an easy task. There
How to Design Readable Content for the Web
3 days ago@designshackDesign Shack
Designing content is more than just making something look great. You have to create a design that people will actually read, and help them engage with the...
A Single Book Disrupts the Foundation of a Brick Wall by Jorge Méndez Blake
3 days agoColossal
The Castle is a 2007 project by Mexican artist Jorge Méndez Blake that subtly examines the impact of a single outside force. For the installation, he...
A Menagerie of Ceramic Beasts and Curiosities at Messums Wiltshire's 'Material Earth II'
3 days agoColossal
In Material Earth II, a group show that just opened at Messums Wiltshire, artists explore how materials can be used to morph the meaning of traditional...
50 Wonderful Wedding Invitation & Card Design Samples
3 days ago@designshackDesign Shack
It’s astounding how many people weddings provide employment to: photographers, caterers, florists and even designers can make a great living by focusing...
30 Unique Design Tools to Make Working Easier in 2018
4 days ago@onextrapixelOnextrapixel
I’m hoping that something on this list will catch your eye and enable you to work a little bit more swiftly and easily. I know we don’t all work...
Photo of a Single Atom Wins Top Prize in Science Photography Contest
4 days agoColossal
You might need your glasses for this one. Quantum physicist David Nadlinger from the University of Oxford managed to capture an image that would have been...
New Textural Sculptures Made With Swirls of Seashells by Rowan Mersh
4 days agoColossal
Rowan Mersh (previously) creates textural artworks that toe the line between two and three dimensions, using carefully placed swirls of seashells. Each...
The Blinged-Out Work Trucks of Japan Photographed by Todd Antony
4 days agoColossal
For more than 40 years Japanese truck drivers have been piling on lights, patterned fabrics, and other over-the-top adornments to their work trucks,...
Johnny Joo Photographs Forgotten Structures Overtaken by Nature
5 days agoColossal
Photographer Johnny Joo explores abandoned structures overtaken by the natural surroundings that had originally been tamed to make space for them. Joo...
A Studio Interview with Embroidery Portrait Artist Cayce Zavaglia
5 days agoColossal
 Embroidery artist Cayce Zavaglia (previously) creates mesmerizing portraits of everyday people using cotton thread and wool. In this thoughtful video...
Cultivating an Inclusive Culture – Signal v. Noise
5 days agoJanice BurchSignal vs. Noise
Reconsider Diversity The typical approach to diversity in corporate environments can usually be summed up in two ways: lazy and...
Official Portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald
5 days agoColossal
The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., which was created in 1962 by an Act of Congress, is the only location outside of the White...
A Lovely Classical Cover of Bob Marley's 'No Woman No Cry' Played by Sheku Kanneh-Mason
5 days agoColossal
British cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason began playing the cello at the age of six. In the twelve years that have followed he has performed at BBC Proms in the...
20 DIY Projects to Improve Your Freelance Office
5 days ago@designshackDesign Shack
A creative workspace is good for your creativity. That’s why companies such as Apple and Google have open and innovative workspaces. While you probably...
Using SSE Instead Of WebSockets For Unidirectional Data Flow Over HTTP/2
5 days agoSmashing Magazine
What is the best way to deliver real-time updates to your web application in an easy and structured way? Is WebSockets still relevant in the world of...
One Minute Art History: A Hand-Drawn Animation in Myriad Historical Art Styles
8 days agoColossal
Filmmaker and educator Cao Shu captures the history of art in an experimental short film that lasts for less than one minute. Throughout the film, the...
Hollow Animal Sculptures Constructed From a Network of Metal Branches by Kang Dong Hyun
8 days agoColossal
Korean artist Kang Dong Hyun constructs hollow animal sculptures from a system of metallic branches. His works often have a high concentration of these...

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